What Australian Sugar Daddies Really Want in a Relationship

Student loans are a problem for many young college girls in Australia and around the world. While some continue to struggle, others join sugar daddy dating sites and search for finance support from sugar daddies. On the other hand, there are sugar babies who live a regular life and are saving money to buy a house or a fancy car or an exotic holiday. While the reason could be anything, you should keep your sugar daddy happy and content if you wish to get hefty allowances.

Here are a few things that Australian sugar daddies really want in a relationship:

Absolutely No Commitments

The reason wealthy and successful men turn to sugar daddy dating is because it is devoid of any kind of commitments. They view sugar dating as a transactional form of relationship, where they give young girls a weekly or monthly allowance in exchange for companionship. If you think you could fall for him, either do not get into the relationship or quit as soon as you start developing feelings for him.

Treat Him Like Your Boyfriend

Sugar daddy dating is free from commitments. However, that does not mean it has to be completely transactional. Treat him like your boyfriend when you go out on dates or holidays and he will love it for sure. However, it is important that you set your personal boundaries and do not fall for your sugar daddy’s charm because this would only make things complicated.

Physical Intimacy

While we all know that sugar daddy dating is much more than just physical intimacy and occasional sex, it is undoubtedly an important part of the relationship. It is also worth mentioning that just 1 in 4 sugar babies in Australia claimed to have had any kind of physical intimacy with their sugar daddies. Therefore, if you are expecting a handsome compensation, this is something you should consider.

Transparency and Freedom

Sugar daddies expect transparency and freedom when they are dating with a sugar baby. Sugar babies need to make sure they do not suffocate their companions by constantly looking over their shoulders or checking on them. In this kind of arrangement, you really cannot have a problem if he is seeing other sugar babies.

Be Available for Him

Sugar daddies usually have very little time to spare. This is why they expect their sugar babies to be available whenever they have time. While he would understand if you are caught up completing college assignments or other chores, frequently giving him excuses will push him to start looking for other sugar babies who can spend more time with him.


If you are a sugar baby or are looking to turn to sugar daddy dating soon, you should be clear what your sugar daddy really want in your relationship, it is likewise important you create a profile on a renowned sugar daddy dating site that not only has hundreds of thousands of members but also scores of useful features to help you break the ice and connect with like-minded people.