Sugar Daddy Australia Dating Increase in Numbers

There is no denying the fact that sugar daddy dating has gained immense popularity in Australia. Major cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide have emerged as the sugar daddy dating destinations in the country.

Studies by a popular dating site that promises to connect wealthy men and young girls, show that the sugar lifestyle is gaining acceptance in this part of the world as well. Here are a few takeaways from these studies:

• The number of ‘single’ sugar daddies has been increasing at the rate of 4% every year.

• There has been a 15% year-on-year increase in the amount of money sugar daddies are looking to spend on sugar babies.

• More Australian girls are looking out for a sugar daddy as opposed to taking up part-time jobs while they pursue higher education in expensive cities.

So what are the reasons for the increase in number of sugar daddies in Australia. While there are many theories on why wealthy men are turning to sugar dating as opposed to conventional dating, we have collected some valuable insights from real sugar daddies who have been dating sugar babies for over 3 years now.

It is now too late to find a companion

Wealthy and successful men are so caught up with running businesses or managing companies that they often forget to pay attention to their personal lives. By the time they realize this, they are always in their 40s or 50s. With no prior experience with dating, finding a sugar baby seems to be the only option they have.

Nobody fits the bill

Wealthy Men in their late 30s or 40s are often very picky about who they spend time with. While this is a great attribute, it proves to be counterproductive when it comes to finding a life companion. These men start looking for a partner who is lighthearted, full of life, attractive and has a taste for finer things in life. However, finding a woman who ticks all the checkboxes is a herculean task.

They just do not have time

One thing that wealthy and successful men do not have is time. We all know that finding a partner, either online or in the real world, is time consuming. Rich Australian men find this a waste of time, especially when they have all the resources to get to sugar baby. Furthermore, with the advent of dating sites, find sugar daddy australia is now easier than ever.

Their partners are running businesses too

This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, when both the partners are immersed in building and scaling companies, they barely make any time for each other. This does not mean they are dissatisfied with their marital lives but the need for intimacy makes both men and women inclined towards sugar dating.

To sum up, it is a mix of the aforementioned reasons that have made rich Australian men turn to sugar dating.